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Ultimate Muscle v Ultimate Pure Power 3 of 3

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RRP: £ 30.00 Our price: £ 25.00 each Brand: Web Buster UKWeb Buster UK


1080p (HD)
Ultimate Pure Power

Ultimate Muscle v Ultimate Pure Power 3 of 3, this is the Part 3, Part 2 is also in the shop and Part 1 is exclusive for Premium Members only.

Ultimate Muscle takes on Ultimate Pure Power in a live action match that no one knew the outcome of.  It was supposed to be a 10 minute bout but lasted for an entire hour, neither could take the other down... but after 1 hour one of the guys managed to take down the other... find out who in this final part.  This is raw action.

Remember to get Part 2 as well where Ultimate Muscle gets his tooth broken by Ultimate Pure Power!

Part 1 is available FREE and exclusive to members only.  Paid members get 20% off all videos in the shop.  Become a paid member today.

Availability:- To buy from the shop only.  It will then appear in your "My Downloads" area under Shop.

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2015-01-20 17:26
Amazing what a great finish!
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