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Ultimate Muscle v Ultimate Dominator Match 1

T Shirt Rip
T Shirt RipT Shirt RipT Shirt Rip
5 5 1 Product
RRP: £ 30.00 Our price: £ 25.00 each Brand: Web Buster UKWeb Buster UK


1080p (HD)
Ultimate Dominator

In this video you will see Ultimate Muscle and Ultimate Dominator rip off their T-Shirts and get down to a wrestle.  It is a one on one.  See how they get on.  Role play involved but the overall outcome was unknown at the point of recording.  Both of these guys want to win, but only one can... Who is it this time?

Duration:- 9 Minutes 10 Seconds

Availability:- To buy from the shop only.  It will then appear in your "My Downloads" area under Shop.

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