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Judo is one of the best forms on anaerobic and VO2 training as it includes quick and very explosive movements which maximises the performance of fast twitch muscle fibres and maintains a healthy body.

Not only being a great form of fitness, Judo helps you excel your mind by working out dynamic movements and making split second decisions which can lead to a victory or defeat.

All of this leads to a calm mind and a fit body, leaving you feeling great, more confident while allowing you to find new levels for your bodies capabilities, discovering what you are really made of. If you are interested in JUDO, one on one or group sessions are available and can be performed by people at any able ability, size, age or strength. You can even book a one to one or group session with me on certain dates in our mat room using the Booking option, Click Profiles, Create New Booking.

Some of the movements in JUDO are beneficial, even for people who don't have an interest in the sport. I have picked out and tailored person workout videos to maximise fitness and to help improve people's lives.

These Dvd's are not available yet but will be available shortly to all premium members and I will be will working on more throughout 2016, so stay tuned!

Our Goal Tracking system will allow you to keep track of your achievements and through one to one videos chats with me we can develop your skills and fine tune your training. You can request a fitness plan or a one to one video chat via Profiles, Create New Booking.

All the best,

Ultimate Muscle

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