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Wrestling is one of the world’s best ways of keeping fit and includes a huge range of technical forms that can be learnt. Wrestling is extremely good for keeping up the pace, the reason it’s so good is because if you start to slack in wrestling you will end up having to tap out due to immense pain or constricted breathing from a hold down.

You don’t always have to get out of breath to have a good wrestling session, just learning the mechanics of how take downs / pins / submissions work is interesting enough.

It takes a life time to master the skills of wrestling so you will never run out of stuff to learn, especially if you learn from, Ultimate Muscle® With my experience I can teach you the basics and help you master wrestling, I am ranked in the top 20 athletes in the UK for Judo so I have a huge knowledge base that can be shared already. I have been taught by some of the toughest fighters in the country including a session by Winston Gordon (Olympic fighter GB)
So follow us and together we can achieve great results on and off the mat… Hajime!

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