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  • Basic chat system (Text and Emoticons only)
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  • Full Chat system
  • Access to chat rooms
  • Create friends list for instant messaging, emailing and chat room.
  • Full Email system with advanced features including your own address book
  • Send copies of emails home to your home account
  • Video Chat with other members
  • Buy a 1 to 1 Video Chat with Josh
  • Buy a fitness plan devised for you by Josh and chat to him to let him track your progress
  • Store your progress in your profile
  • Advanced social networking
  • Upload up to 5 images on your profile
  • Access to the personal goals manager to track your fitness and progress
  • Unlimited Access to all trailer and full videos (exept those sold in the shop)
  • Unlimited Access to hundreds of images
  • New Images and Videos Added every month
  • Discount Coupons sent periodically for the shop, events and bookings
  • Priority notification of events where a limited number can attend.
  • Access to the Fitness menu which includes a judo, wrestling self defense and bodybuilding page which includes videos, images and useful information about them.
  • Access to the blog.

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