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Ultimate Muscle v Ultimate PurePower 2/3

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RRP: £ 30.00 Our price: £ 25.00 each Brand: Web Buster UKWeb Buster UK


1080p (HD)
Ultimate Pure Power

Ultimate Muscle v Ultimate Pure Power 2 of 3.

The match is hotting up, See Ultimate Muscle have his tooth broken as Ultimate Pure Power decides its time to sort our Ultimate Muscle.

All our matches are real, they are not staged that is why anything can happen.  Catch the action.

Ultimate Muscle takes on Ultimate Pure Power in a live action match that no one knew the outcome of.  It was supposed to be a 10 minute bout but lasted for an entire hour, neither could take the other down... but a tooth was broken!

Remember to get Part 3 as well where you find out just who wins.

Part 1 is available FREE and exclusive to members only.  Paid members get 20% off all videos in the shop.  Become a paid member today.

Availability:- To buy from the shop only.  It will then appear in your "My Downloads" area under Shop.

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